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To kick off the Haus of Hound blog, we wanted to introduce our many friends from around the world to one of the shelters we will be donating to! Meet Jade's Rescue, a non profit and volunteer based rescue shelter helping lost and forgotten dogs of Stark County, Ohio, and surrounding areas. Jade's Rescue was founded in August 2012 by Diane Aquino, her husband, and friends. Opening this shelter was a dream come true for Diane, who has been an animal lover her entire life. We have had the pleasure of interviewing one of said volunteers, and here is what she had to say....


HoH-- When Were you established? 

JR-- Started in August 2012 by Diane Aquino, her husband, and the help of friends. 

HoH-- What made you decide to start a non profit rescue? 

JR-- Diane has been passionate about animals since childhood and has really been fond of forgotten dogs and helping them find the forever home they need. 

HoH-- How many dogs do you usually have and how do you rescue them?

JR-- We usually check with the local pounds such as Stark County, Carroll County, and sometimes take in owner surrenders. We rescue dogs that are at high kill shelters and that are on the euthanasia list. Right now we have 4 dogs.  

HoH-- Is it a hard and long process finding these rescues homes?

JR-- We are a NO KILL shelter and keep all dogs until they are adopted. One of the dogs we rescued as a puppy is now three years old. We have an in depth adoption process where anyone wanting to adopt must fill out an application, have a home visit, provide a vet reference, we do a meet and greet with the possible adopters dogs and children if they have any, and we have an adoption agreement. If the adopter were to for any reason no longer want to keep an adopted dog, they must return it back to us.  We have for the most part been successful in our adoptions. 

HoH-- Do you provide food, shelter, and veterinary needs that people can donate to?

JR-- The vet we use is West Main Veterinary in Louisville and all dogs that come to us are fully vaccinated, receive rabies shots,are dewormed, are spayed or neutered, and we may soon be doing microchips. 

HoH-- How many volunteers do you have?

JR-- We currently have 4 main volunteers and then there are others that aren't on any kind of set schedule.

HoH-- Do you have any rescue dogs yourself?

JR-- Diane has two rescue dogs that Jade's Rescue had taken in.

HoH-- How do you feel about the "humane society" not always being as humane as they lead on?

JR-- I feel that they should be more up front and honest and not so secretive about what they really do. They are a no kill shelter by name but not by reputation. 

HoH-- What are your future plans for Jades Rescue?

JR-- We plan to rescue as many dogs as possible and get our names out there and spread the word of adoption. We are currently remodeling to expand and have more room. Once we have the room we will begin pulling more dogs and have an average of eight to ten rescues at a time.



Here are three adorable pups they have right now! You can read more about these three on the site!

Jade's Rescue is making things happen for homeless dogs in Canton, OH and we are very excited to be working with them. For every one of our "handmade with love" ID tags purchased, we will donate the $2 to Jade's Rescue! 

If you would like to visit their website and read more about them as well as read about their currently adoptable dogs, please visit 

You can also contact them by email or phone at or 330-614-0300

Follow them on Instagram!! @jadesrescue 

If you have any questions for us about how we plan to help Jade's Rescue feel free to email us at

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