Rescue Story Number 1 - Millie -

This is the rescue story of Milly, a tiny French Bulldog puppy who had an excruciating start in life, but was rescued and given her second chance by her mama in Israel. We hope this rescue story teaches something to each and every reader. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is Milly's story.




I took milly home in the middle of the night on the 30 of december. We haven't been apart since then.

I saw a post about her on facebook.A group of people & dogs; over 24000 members but no one stopped to look at this poor angel.. She was posted by a friend of the breeders trying to save her life.

3 month old baby weighed only 400 grams. The worst thing I have ever seen. I held her and just stood there and cryed. It was a heartbreking sight.

My little baby was in a wood closed box in the cold yard. No water no food.

She looked up… I saw a big hugeee head with all white eyes and a tiny body!

He said she is ugly. No one wants her and will pay for her. She is very weak and the vet says she is not going to live so he put her there till she died. Who does that?!

I drove home to my city. An almost 2 hour drive. She was not moving…nothing. So tiny… so weak. The size of my hand !
I took 2weeks off school. I was with her every minute. There is no way she was going to die. Not on my watch!

After a month of sleeping all day long with warm bottles 24/7 eating by injection she tried to stand!

She was spreading her legs tryed to balance that huge head of hers :)

We went to vet check -she is 1 kg now!

He said her heart ❤ is strong and healthy so she survived. He said she wanted to live soooo much she was waiting for me not giving up on help her.

Her eyes were big rolling around inside with no control. She has catarac and pigmentation. She only sees a bit shadows in one spot of her left eye. Her eyes poop out so we have to watch she doesn't hit her face because they can fall out. They don't tear up so she uses eye drops every hour for all her life. Her sculll is opened. Pups are born with it closed. Hers open still. It was opened 1cm wide all across the head from eyes till back of head. She has a growing and developing problems so she is tiny like a little chihuahua.

I took her to foster and heal and find her a forever home. I already have 3 rescued senior dogs.

But…. I guess we are gods present to each other. She got very close and depended on me. and me? I just fall in love ❤ with her uniqueness.

No one wanted her. They disgusted and laughed at her saying a pretty dog better then an ugly one. What do they know? ..she is the most beautiful creature on earth to me.

I took her in. I swore she is going to change everyone's mind! She will be the most precious loved spoiled beautiful girl loved by all!!
She is 8 month now. The boss princess of the house! She weights 5 kg.
She is the happiest friendly pup u will ever meet. She throws kisses all around and makes everyone shine with a huge smile on their face!
She is my life. My biggest love in life!
She taught me to be strong and fight through the hardest times. to enjoy life and be happy. As she is.
She makes me smile at the moment I see her little face.
Its important to me to get her story out everywhere I can so people learn that true beauty comes from inside first. "Be your own kind of beautiful"-everyone is beautiful in there own way. What makes u beautiful and unique is what u have inside. What lots of people along the way lost..

There are lots of beautiful souls on the streets and shelters with a hugeee amount of love to give. We don't need to breed and buy. We should adopet cause true limitless love comes free. U can't buy love ❤.

Her future is unknown… no one knows what tomorrow brings for her and how long she will live.. But I will make everyday as perfect as I can for her.

My English is not that good. I'm from Israel so… sorry for the mistakes.



Please consider adopting a puppy or adult dog before looking into purchasing from a breeder or pet stores that support puppy mills. So many broken hearts just need a bit of mending. Everyone deserves love, and a second chance at life. 


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  • Mary Bonham

    Thank you for taking that little precious baby in and not giving up on her. She is just gorgeous. She is so lucky you found her. I am sure you feel the same. I think God puts the animals I our lives for a reason. They might need our help or we might need theirs. For whatever the reason I am thankful for the ones in my lives.

  • dorothy pelton

    You are a beautiful person. If only the people of the world could be like you. What a wonderful world it would be. Love to the both of you. ?
    Your friend

  • Shaundra

    What a heartwarming story! Millie is a true fighter! You have a big heart and Millie is lucky to have you! True beauty comes from the inside and it’s sad how quickly people forget that! To think that this sweet little pup was placed in a box and left to die because she was “ugly” is heartbreaking! I’m so thankful that you rescued her and gave this little princess a second chance at life! I follow you/her on Instagram and look forward to following her journey! Thank you for sharing this beautiful love story!
    The world needs more stories like this!’

  • John

    I follow you on my Instagram beerdog123 ! I have done rescues most of my life since I was a teenager I have seen so much cruelty ! What you have done for Milly is awesome an you have good heart ! She will be fine an there are many on Instagram who will be friends with you an who can give advise !

  • LO

    You guys are sooooo amazing for taking Milly in. Good to know that there are still kind hearted people, esp when it comes to animals! God Bless u!

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