Rescue Story Number 3 - Pushu The Pomeranian

To begin with, Pushu was never on the edge of his life, but the story shows how cruel and materialistic some people are. All they care about is money. Here is our story.

Pushu is an almost 6 year old Pomeranian from Denmark. My boyfriend and I had moved together and decided to get a little cute dog for our apartment. We had quite a clear idea about what breed - Pomeranian. We had been searching for some online offers and one evening we had found an announcement stating that family is searching for adopting parents for 6 years old Pomeranian. All of a sudden it seemed like smart decision to adopt older dog as we are both students with part time jobs and we don't have as much spare time as we would wish to have for a puppy.

We hadn't seen any picture but we contacted the family anyway. They told us they were still searching and we could come to visit them asap. So the next weekend we drove about an hour to see the little creature. When we got there we had seen the cutest little Pom, however very silent and one could say - a bit scared. So we asked the family whats his story and why they are giving him away.

The story came quite shocking. The family has only had him for less then 1 month. They got him from a breeding place where he used to live all his life. He was only fed with bones and leftovers which caused a terrible damage to his teeth, skin and overall condition. He had to have several teeth removed as they were literally crashed from wrong feeding - Pomeranian is of course a very fragile breed and is not meant to be fed with bones and leftovers. He had flees in his fur for so long that he still, at the time of our visit, had wounds, infections and allergic reactions all over his body.


The family we visited took him home from that place cause they felt very sorry for him. However, they already had one Pom at home as well as a little baby and Pushu didn't really fit in their environment. They could see he wasn't used to a little baby crawling around dragging him here and there. The family saved him from that terrible place, paid for teeth surgery and wanted the best for him so they decided to find another family who would offer him a better environment.

We were totally sold. Pushu was too cute to handle. So we took him home straight away even though we agreed with my boyfriend that we would first visit the little dog and then take some time to decide. When we got Pushu, he was the dog that would rather hide under the table then play around. He was scared of every loud sound and fast movements. But who would be surprised, he came from terrible conditions and changed his home twice in less than a month. A few days after we took him home, he was itching his wounds and infections so much we had to take him to a vet. The vet prescribed antibiotics and pills against bacteria. So more then month after he had been first rescued he still had a terrible infection and bacteria in his skin.

Sad fact is that we are still fighting with it even now after almost 3 months. It's getting much better, however there's still long way to fix all the things that went wrong during 6 years of life in terrible conditions.

At the same time Pushu has literally become a new dog. He is now completely playful, cheerful, and not hiding anymore. He loves to play games, fetch his ball, and learn new tricks. One thing hasn't changed though. Ever since we got him, his favourite activity in the world is cuddling. It is so clear to see how Pushu was missing human love and care during 6 years of his life and now when he realised how it feels he can't get enough. If we cuddle him and we take away our hand, he will always stretch his paw and try to drag your hand back to him :)

Every time I think of what happened to him I feel more and more angry and sad, because every time I realize that our cutie pie was just money for somebody. Here in Denmark, registered puppies from registered Pomeranian parents cost around 1000 EUR ! If I just imagine how much money they earn by selling those puppies and can't even feed the dogs properly, nor take good care of them.

We have also reported the original place Pushu came from to an organization which has taken appropriate steps to make sure there's no other dog like Pushu in that place.

So just to finish up, I just want to say, that day when we drove to the place where Pushu was at the moment and decided to take hime home was one of the best days of my life. I can't express enough how much happiness and joy is Pushu bringing to our home every single day. How we enjoy walks, trips, games and cuddling. He means everything to us :)


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