Rescue Story Number 4 - Mila

Flying to Canada was a whole new experience for her and it made her nervous. I saw the scars in her and how much living on the streets had affected her as I put myself in her paws and I started to understand where she was coming from. I saw just how terrified she was of all her surroundings. Neither the shelter and I know exactly what happened to her in the past. For all we know, her and her two sisters were found under a car at a parking lot and a volunteer brought them in to the shelter. It's likely Mila and her sisters may have been abused when they were younger as Mila was very fearful of everything when she came here.

I worked hard- day and night, to build her confidence and make her realize that this home is her "forever" now in Toronto. I haven't had her for very long but she has already made amazing progress and has grown to be such a strong and beautiful little lady. She enjoys playing with other dogs and is starting to trust strangers. She gets excited and wags her tail when we go for walks and to the park. I thought teaching her the basic commands in English would be a challenge since she is from Russia but she proved me wrong!

Mila is so smart and picks up quickly. Mila is my first dog and she has taught me so much. I don't know what I'd do without her! I really can't imagine what would happen to me if the exterminators in Sochi killed her and her sisters, along with hundreds of other stray Russian dogs, just to prepare for the Sochi Olympics. Mila and I are just so grateful that we found each other and I cherish every moment I have with her. WIth lots of love, patience, and consistency, she became the dog she is today and I couldn't be more proud of how far she has come. She was once a frightened, shy girl, and now she has blossomed to a more confident, happy, energetic little lady. When I look at her, I see a lover, a survivor, and most importantly, my best friend.

This is her instagram page that I manage:

This is the rescue group I rescued her from: , The old baby photos of Mila (the first two) rightfully belongs to Sochi Dogs. 


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