Rescue Story Number 5: Pudgy + Ophelia

The following is a story of true hard break and loss. The following is also a story of new beginnings and second chances. Sometimes we learn in a harsh way that nothing is permanent and the things we love the most can be taken from us in an instant. This is the case for Megan, Pudgy, and Ophelia. This is their rescue story......  "My name is Megan W from Austin, Tx.
I have a rescue story that is truly life changing. 
My frenchie, Pudgy, was my heart dog. You know that one that is just different from every dog you ever owned and that you feel is truly your soul mate in animal form. That was Pudgy. He was my heart, my best friend, my child, my partner in crime. He went EVERYWHERE with me. I fell in love with the frenchie breed and decided that I wanted him to have a sister. I applied to a rescue and the waiting game began to be selected to adopt. Fast forward about two years. A few months ago, I took Pudgy to the park one afternoon after work. I still don't know exactly what happened, but the vet's best guess is that something caused him to go into anaphylactic shock and they couldn not save him. I was, and still am completely devastated. I literally couldn't imagine a life, or a single day that didn't have Pudgy in it. 
About week after losing him, the rescue contacted me that they had a little girl for me. They had rescued her from a horrible puppy mill in Missouri. She lived in a cage and never walked on grass, never played, never snuggled, never knew a kind person or veterinary care. She has an awful scar on her side from this mill performing side flank c-sections and her back left leg is a little weaker and she walks a little wonky, but it was love at first sight. I cried almost the whole way on the 4 and half hour drive to go pick her up from her foster home. I felt guilty that I was getting another dog so quickly after losing Pudgy. I was sad that that he wasn't going with me to meet his sister that I'd wanted for him for so long. And I was ecstatic to meet her. The minute they brought her out to me and placed her in my lap, I knew Pudgy had sent her to me and that he was still looking out for me. 
I got her home and quickly realized that she had never experienced a leash and harness and was terrified of them and didn't know how to walk with them. With a lot of patience (and treats) she has mastered it!!
I've had Ophelia Clementine Serendipity Wolfe for a little over two months now and the saying is true that she rescued me just as much as I rescued her. 
I've attached pictures of both of my babies. 
Pudgy Bear Francois Wolfe is the black and white frenchie. He was a huge man at 50 lbs and every ounce of him was just a lovable, snuggly mush. 
Ophelia is the fawn with black mask. She is wiggly and playful and extremely sweet."
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