Our Story

Haus of Hound is a brand for dog lovers, by dog lovers. Our focus is to create beautiful, environmentally safe products that dog owners can put on their favorite pup with confidence. We support the dog rescue community (and have adopted a pack of rescue dogs of our own 🐶 😊!) 

We don't discriminate against breeder dogs (it's not the pups fault), but with the huge abundance of dogs in need of a forever home, it is our belief many breeders contribute to a larger social problem. 

When you purchase a product from Haus of Hound, you will be supporting the rescue dog community and we will be happily sharing news of our great partnerships with rescue organizations, and the dogs that have been saved through HOH support. 

Transparently, we are a for-profit business and alongside our passion for rescuing dogs, we have a passion for designing beautifully stunning products that make strangers stop and say "I REALLY LIKE YOUR ______." 

From leashes and collars, to exclusive designer Human apparel, at Haus of Hound, it's all about dogs, all the time 🐾😉. 

Thanks for stopping by our site, we hope you like our products and more importantly hope you find inspiration to save a dog of your own some day! Follow us on Instagram or join the VIP Pack to stay updated on our latest offerings and rescue dog news we have to share❤️.

Much love, 

Haus of Hound